Services Like Virus Removal in Phoenix

Free Comprehensive Diagnostics

free computer diagnostics phoenix az

Most places will charge you for diagnosing your computer or laptop, even if you choose not to repair it with them, in most cases, Geeks and Clicks will charge nothing

Laptop LCD Screen Replacement

laptop screen replacement phoenix

Laptop Screen Repair in Phoenix. Shop around first before you bring it to us, don't tell us about how much previous estimates were, you will be surprised of the savings with Geeks and Clicks!  Virus Removal in Phoenix. Virus Removal in Mesa

Data Recovery

data recovery phoenix arizona

If your computer or laptop crashed and you need your files recovered, we can help, in some cases we recovery data even if your hard drive has been formatted

Our data recovery is only $95

Virus Removal

computer virus removal phoenix

Virus, spyware, malware, ransomware, and adware removal.

Don't fall victim to the many dangers nor scams after browsing and downloading something from the Internet. We can help.

Software and Hardware Repair

computer hardware repair phoenix az

Windows issues and installations, conflicts with programs, software errors; power port, hard drive and motherboard replacements.

We can repair everything on a computer.

Cooling Sys. & Software Tune-ups

computer repair maintenance phoenix az

If your computer or laptop is slow, overheating, shutting down, or simply not the same as before, a simple tune-up may fix that.

Upgrades, system optimization, computer maintenance and security services available

Labor Cost

Our Minimum Charge is only $25.00