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Geeks and Clicks, Laptop & PC Repair, has been serving the needs of businesses and individuals for several years.  Santos Nava, began  building and repairing computer systems for friends and family members  in 1997.  In the year 2000 Santos, changed careers becoming an IT professional working for some of the biggest hotel chains in the country, in Network Control, Technical Support and computer departments.  In just a very few years he became a manager in one of the biggest DSL and Cable router manufacturer companies in the world, managing technical support groups for all the major DSL service providers in the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Spain.  

In June 2006 became self-employed and opened his own computer repair shop in the corner of Earll and 24th street in Phoenix, AZ. On October 1st. 2011, Geeks And Clicks, moved to it's new and current location (SW Corner of 24th. st. and Indian School Rd. in Phoenix) with the vision of protecting and supporting Arizona's computer users, with the simple promise that computer end-users would never spend more than $95.00 in labor when repairing a laptop or desktop computer (labor does not include any parts). We have repaired thousands of computers over the last few years, we are centrally located to help you better and save you lots of money whenever possible!!! 

Our philosophy has always been to save you money, always treating you with the honesty and respect you deserve, and always welcome you with the best customer service in town.

Geeks and Clicks, will always help you avoid unnecessary charges.

Some have tried to copy Geeks and Clicks, but unfortunately for them, they are out of business. Our success is due 100% by putting our customer's needs first, always... in all ways!!!

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